On the Language of Internet Memes

an arts-based educational research dissertation in arts & visual culture education


Learning Objects seem to be the OER best fit to work within the framework I’ve been setting up for my research. The harnessing of the internet meme language as an educational tool could in turn produce a series of learnign objects that by definition alone could be re-contextualized, shared and remixed.



Open education resources are constructivist almost by definition. They almost always function as interchangeable modules capable of sharing information (hopefully even a bit of knowledge) to different users at different points in time always depending on their level of experience and ability to apply previous knowledge in the acquisition and development of new experiences. I plan to work in finding ways that the language of my internet memes can be harnessed in the creation of open educational resources such as learning objects that can be shared, reused an recycled. In the meantime a quick (or even better, in-depth) examination of OER Commons is a must.

Deconstruction for Glitch as Tension

  • Glitch as Tension
  • This image was grabbed from the ‘Most Visited’ tab in a Chrome internet browser on 7.19.12:                                                                                       
  • It is a glitched rendering of the website http://www.chase.com, used on a regular basis to conduct online banking. It is unknown why it was rendered as a glitch.
  • It has been further glitched by randomly (and increasingly) inserting the phrase [GLITCH_AS_TENSION] into its alphanumeric values:

    Click to download a PDF with the intervened alphanumeric values.

    Click to download a PDF with the intervened alphanumeric values.

    Click to download a PDF with the intervened alphanumeric values.

  • An animated GIF was created to serve as the centerpiece:

    Centerpiece for the Glitch as Tension portrait.

  • A PDF file containing the intervened alphanumeric values of the images above was then converted into image files.
  • The alphanumeric values for these images were themselves intervened by substituting specific characters with the word [TENSION]:
  • The resulting images were then mixed in with the original files in order to create an animated GIF that served as the background:

    Background for the Glitch as Tension portrait

Suggested follow up question:

  • Why was an image that references a banking institution used as the centerpiece for a portrait on the Glitch as Tension?