Phase II

[Researcher as Facilitator]

Studio Meme

  • Occurred in the city of Tubac, AZ as part of Tubac Center of the Arts‘ Summer Art Program.
  • June 11-July 3rd, 2013.
  • Data was collected from 27 learners in the 6-13 year-old range.
  • An IRL/Online hybrid.
    • IRL: Besides Studio Meme, learners cycled, one week at a time, through classes on mixed media, sculpture, illustration, acting and self-reflection.
    • Online: During Studio Meme, learners assumed control of one of five laptops each associated with a faux Google account as part of a private Google+ circle.StudioMeme
  • Participants engaged the Language of Internet Memes through three distinct, age-appropriate curricula:
    • 6-7 year olds.
      • Emoji Stories
        • What they read:IronMan&Beauty
        • How they read it:EmojiPost
        • Wat they wrote: TheChange
        • How they shared:
      • Separated at Birth
        • What they read: casting_10
        • How they read it:SeparatedAlbum
        • What they wrote:SeparatedMemes
    • 8-10 year olds.
      • Image Macros
        • What they read:MEMES! (Image Macros) - 4
        • How they read it:
        • What they wrote:
      • Perception/What people think I do
        • What they read:TeachersPerception
        • How they read it:Perception Album
        • What they wrote:
    •  11 to 13 year olds (two rounds due to learner groupings, 3, & number of weeks, 4).
      • First Round
        • Captioned Images
          • What they read:
          • Question: Are Internet Memes art?
          • How they answered:1stquestion
          • What they wrote with no question to answer:Nerdy&Dolphin
        • AnimatedGIFs
          • What they read:
          • How they read it:
          • How they answered:Comments
          • How they rewrote what they read:
          • What they wrote anew:
      • Second Round
        • Remixed content
          • What they read:
          • How they remixed the content generated by others:
            • Stills:RemixedImages
            • Videos
              • What they wrote:

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        • Final assignment:
          • What was your favorite part of the summer camp?Favorite
          • What would you change about the summer camp?ardillascalorjirafa
          • Non answerKFC
  • Instrumentalactants: