Week 1 (June 11th-13th)

Welcome to Meme Studio!

During the next few days we’ll be talking about Internet Memes and their language.

You know Internet Memes, don’t you?

They’re mischievous cats, cute puppies and dancing crowds; but did you know that they can also be art?

Now please take some time to talk with your partner and answer the following questions:

  • Were you familiar with internet memes before watching this video?
  • Why does the video say that internet memes ARE art?
  • Why does it say that they ARE NOT are?
  • Do you think that internet memes are art?
  • Why?

Keep your answers in mind and look through the following images. These are screen-grabs from the video you just viewed:

Click on the one you like the most and download it by holding down the <alt> key and clicking again on it; select <save image as> from the drop down menu.

Now click here and create an image macro of your own using the image you chose.