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Basic Animated GIFs

This is an Animated GIF

It is a sequence of still images that played in rapid succession, will give the illusion of movement. This particular Animated GIF consists of 21 still images, which we can appreciate better at a slower frame rate.

In fact, if you right-click on either one of the Animated GIFs above, you’ll be able to save them to your computer and see them one still image at a time.

There are many ways to make your own Animated GIFs but they all begin with finding and choosing the images you will use. For this you can either draw your own or search for them online using Google Image Search; however you must always be very careful about what type of search you do and which images you use, as some of them might be copy-right restricted. A good way of avoiding this potential problem is by using the Creative Commons Search tool, which will show you only images that you can use and modify completely free of charge.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting your images is that Animated GIFs require still images that have some sort of continuity or sequence to them. In the cases above, the rolling clouds are the element in the images that make it flow in sequence with a certain continuity.

Once you have selected and downloaded the images you will use; you might want to add some text to them in order to give your Animated GIF a more personal feel. You can use Meme Maker’s Create Tool in order to do this. Simply hit “choose file” select the images you want to use and then follow the steps to add a caption and save the new images to your computer hard drive.

Now that you have a sequence of images with your text of choice on them saved to your computer; you can use an online tool like Picasion to animate them. This is only one of many possible choices, a simple search for online GIF maker will give you plenty of alternatives.

Once your Animated GIF is done, make sure to download it to your computer hard drive so you can post it or share it whomever you might want to.


Art Crit & GIFs

A series of animated GIFs that samples pieces of contemporary art and remixes them with critical theory to explore notions of stagnation and elitism in what is otherwise meant to be understood as socially engaged discourse and art production.The individual pieces of digital content that make up Art Crit and GIFs were disseminated through social media in hopes of infiltrating public discourse around topics like Occupy Wall Street and religious iconography all the while incorporating contemporary aesthetics into the ongoing conversations.. I presented a poster and spoke briefly about it at Wikepedia Academy 2012:


Wikipedia Academy – Lightning Talks from Wikimedia Deutschland on Vimeo.





Deconstruction for Glitch as Tension

  • Glitch as Tension
  • This image was grabbed from the ‘Most Visited’ tab in a Chrome internet browser on 7.19.12:                                                                                       
  • It is a glitched rendering of the website http://www.chase.com, used on a regular basis to conduct online banking. It is unknown why it was rendered as a glitch.
  • It has been further glitched by randomly (and increasingly) inserting the phrase [GLITCH_AS_TENSION] into its alphanumeric values:

    Click to download a PDF with the intervened alphanumeric values.

    Click to download a PDF with the intervened alphanumeric values.

    Click to download a PDF with the intervened alphanumeric values.

  • An animated GIF was created to serve as the centerpiece:

    Centerpiece for the Glitch as Tension portrait.

  • A PDF file containing the intervened alphanumeric values of the images above was then converted into image files.
  • The alphanumeric values for these images were themselves intervened by substituting specific characters with the word [TENSION]:
  • The resulting images were then mixed in with the original files in order to create an animated GIF that served as the background:

    Background for the Glitch as Tension portrait

Suggested follow up question:

  • Why was an image that references a banking institution used as the centerpiece for a portrait on the Glitch as Tension?