Internet Memes as art[?] [Introductory exercise]

[This exercise is meant to function in conjunction with the Internet Memes as Art [?] TED Ed lesson.]

  • Look through these screen-grabs  Are LOLCats and Internet Memes Art?.
  • Pick one of them that you want to use and download it by clicking on it, and saving it to your computer:
  • Review your answers to questions 3 & 4 from the Internet Memes as Art[?] TED Ed Lesson.
  • Summarize each response in a four-word sentence.
  • Using MemeMaker’s Create Tool caption your selected image with your summarized responses.
  • Download and save your meme but also save the link to it provided by MemeMaker.
  • Continue to the Internet Memes as Art[?] TED Ed Lesson and complete the Discussion activity.