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Remix [Art Crit & GIFs]

In remix terms, Art Crit and GIFs draws heavily from Mark Amerika’s (2011) idea of source material everywhere,

which gets me to thinking that the idea of

a rich and mysterious and new [my emphasis] set of related experiences

triggered by the making of things

or as I would prefer the remixing of data

may be a fallacy

not in a negative way

but in a fallacious way

let’s call it the Novelty Fallacy

(locs. 280-288).

By acknowledging the novelty fallacy I hope that the visual artifacts that make up Art Crit and GIFs are able to access

…the Source Material Everywhere

not as ideas or things

but as intertwingled agitations of force

(locs. 1944-1946)

that will in turn engage and agitate subsequent users into finding yet more source material to remix and create new visual artifacts of their own.

Art Crit & GIFs

A series of animated GIFs that samples pieces of contemporary art and remixes them with critical theory to explore notions of stagnation and elitism in what is otherwise meant to be understood as socially engaged discourse and art production.The individual pieces of digital content that make up Art Crit and GIFs were disseminated through social media in hopes of infiltrating public discourse around topics like Occupy Wall Street and religious iconography all the while incorporating contemporary aesthetics into the ongoing conversations.. I presented a poster and spoke briefly about it at Wikepedia Academy 2012:


Wikipedia Academy – Lightning Talks from Wikimedia Deutschland on Vimeo.