Ninety-nine tweets about #LiteracyOfTheGlitch: a #LessonPlan on the potentials of failure, the unforeseen & the errant.

Literacy of the Glitch is a website that examines the glitch and the potential it presents in terms of a learning experience related to new media and some of the practices associated with them. It consists of seven Glitch Portraits, all crafted out of Animated GIFs, each touching upon different but interrelated aspects of the glitch. Drawing on notions from Arts-Based Educational Research, Glitch Studies, Actor Network Theory, Object Oriented Ontology, Radical Cartography and practices associated with Remix, Net Art and Internet Visual Culture, Literacy of the Glitch re-frames failure as a conceptual vehicle capable of interrogating social and technological conventions through aesthetic forms.

The article [twitter-ticle] itself adopts a similar stance engaging social media through the formal conventions of Twitter: hash-tags are employed to indicate keywords and thread together strings of related sentences which are up to 140 characters long [118 when images are attached, 116 when hyperlinks are included].

Twitter-ticle [Takes you to the opening Tweet and a collapsed view of the entire article which you can peruse by expanding the replies & conversations and clicking on the hashtags]